The Imagination of a Tired Mama…

The Imagination of a Tired Mama…

Somewhere between the endless loads of laundry, wiping of tiny noses and bottoms, and balancing #AllTheThings, I’ve had to train my brain and imagination to prioritize fun and play. It doesn’t always come naturally…even when kids are playing around me all the time!

So from one tired mama to another (and to all the Rockstar Dads reading this now), here’s my best advice for staying connected to your imagination while juggling parenting, work, and life!

Help Me Please

Help Me Please

How often do we wait until we’re overly frustrated with something we can’t do before we reach out and ask for help?

Admitting when we aren’t capable of doing something is hard and can even be pretty scary (especially something we should able to do). After all, we want to come across as capable, have-it-all-together people who offer help to others – not admit we need it ourselves.

This month, we’re going to be exploring the value of collaboration and how we can work together to be even better, starting with asking and inviting.

Stop “Shoulding” On Yourself

Stop “Shoulding” On Yourself

How many times have you thought or even said “I really should…” in the last 24 hours?

I should have taken that job

I really should get more sleep

I should have committed to less

I should…

We’re all guilty of saying (or thinking) these phrases. Known as the “s” word of busy people, the act of “shoulding” all over ourselves and others is the fastest route to blame, guilt, and even shame.

Imagine what life would be like if you embraced more self-compassion and ditched this default reaction of “shoulding” and ruminating on what didn’t happen or hasn’t occurred yet.

This month, we're focusing on enhancing compassion. Let’s start together!