children are creative and complex. Each one is unique, with their own talents, interests, and competencies. We WANT TO support that!

As early childhood educators and professionals, we know that children's preschool readiness is based on physical, emotional and mental qualities that create their personality and temperament more than their academic abilities. In order to ensure that our Mini Makers™ Preschool program is a strong fit for your child, please review the following admission requirements. These specific elements have been intentionally designed by our Leadership Team based on developmental and behavioral milestones along with compliance to specific state-requirements. If you have any questions regarding preschool readiness or these admissions requirements, please let our team know.

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Your child may be ready for Preschool if:

  • They listen and follow instructions from an adult (who is not their parent) and can follow simple directions (one or two steps)

  • They can express their emotions, needs, and make requests

  • They can handle being away from parents for short periods of time

  • They can focus on a task and play independently

  • They want to play with other kids and engage socially

  • They are potty trained and can use the toilet independently (including washing their own hands)

  • They have and practice basic self-care skills

  • They know what to expect in the classroom and look forward to going to school

We also love Leap Frog’s Preschool Skills Checklist that goes into more depth in various developmental areas.

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based on this readiness checklist, our Mini Makers™ Preschool has the following pre-admission requirements:


Our preschool programs offer options for children ages 2.5 to 5 years old (pre-Kindergarten). In order to apply, your child must be at least 2.5 years old at the time of application. Priority will be given to children ages 4 to 5 years old and those that can attend Preschool for all five days.


While our classroom size is small (up to 15 children), we have found that Preschoolers thrive when they are able to explore and play, both independently and collaboratively. We want to encourage and foster positive independence and self-directed actions. To be successful in our program, children should be able to follow simple directions without negative behaviors (listening the first time, sitting/standing still during an activity) and practice independent self-care skills (taking shoes on/off, feeding themselves, independently going to the bathroom and washing their hands). Our staff is here to support their success and scaffold their development as they continue to grow and thrive.

Submit a Complete ApplicatIon

We have created a comprehensive Admissions Process that allows families to become familiar with our program, philosophy, and values before applying to join our community. All components of the application packet must be submitted and approved to complete full enrollment.


Upon application to our Mini Makers™ Preschool program, each child must have completed state-required current health forms on file, including a Child’s Preadmission Health History – Parent’s Report (LIC 702) and Physician’s Report (LIC 701). All enrolled students must also supply current immunization records when they apply for enrollment. For a current list of state-required immunizations in order to enter Preschool, please visit Immunization Requirements for Preschool (IMM-230).

Attend Preschool Orientation

All accepted applicants are required to participate in an onsite Preschool Orientation workshop at least two weeks prior to their start date. This Orientation is designed as an informative workshop to help prepare your child and family for active participation in our Preschool Program and covers our school’s philosophy, values, pedagogy, and expectations. An agenda and schedule of upcoming Orientation sessions will be shared with applicants at the time of selection and acceptance.