From the moment you become a parent you are intrinsically a creator, sustainer, provider, and maker.


Yet many parents struggle balancing working from home with caring for the demands of their family.

While you have big dreams and ideas, you may feel isolated, overwhelmed, overworked, and burnt out. 

You've been craving a home-away-from-home where your kids can be nurtured and cared for while you have time and space to work.


Sacramento currently has multiple coworking and shared space options, but none of these places offer flexible and affordable onsite childcare for their members.

Until now…

The Makers Place™ is an intentionally-designed multipurpose space where working parents can create, connect, and collaborate while their young children are cared for onsite in our Mini Makers™ Studio.


We provide:

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This space has been intentionally designed for families by parents and professionals

Leslie Bosserman is an entrepreneur who works as a Leadership Educator and Coach and her husband, Joel Bosserman, is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst who runs an early-intervention program for children with autism.

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Together, we have two young children and over two decades of experience in business and education, including successfully running start ups and volunteering locally with organizations like TEDxSacramento and internationally, living abroad in Amman, Jordan while we volunteered in local schools.

One of our core family values is service and we aim to use our experience, skills, and talents to support families and creative professionals so they, too, can express themselves and create something amazing!

We know that parents and families thrive when they feel supported and connected to others through shared experiences.

We envision The Makers Place™ becoming a centralized hub in Sacramento for parents who want to find positive balance with business, school, family, and personal needs. It’s also a space for new parents to craft their emerging identity and transition back into work.


A home away from the chaos of home where students can study without worrying about who is watching their kids.

A community made of families who all believe that the world is better when you can rely on each other and don’t have to do it alone!

Our community mission is driven by a character-education model that emphasizes various core values like integrity, creativity, innovation, compassion, and collaboration to ultimately amplify the ethos of our greater Sacramento community.

We also plan to offer a series of leadership development and parenting workshops for members and the public alongside scholarship spaces for parents of underserved communities that have an expressed need.


As parents, we all share a common purpose.

Now is the time to turn this vision into a reality in Sacramento. By providing for the needs of working families and students in this unique way, we will reinforce Sacramento’s emerging identity as a “destination city.”

Come join the movement and help us create an incredible space!