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With three types of membership packages, you can choose what fits your needs best now:

1.     Coworking Memberships (Coworking Only, No Childcare)

2.     Community Memberships (Coworking + Childcare)

3.     Co-operative Memberships (Trade-Based Opportunities)


We Offer packages and payment options based on your desired usage amount per week and contract length To save you time and money


We also offer discounted rates for longer-term contracts that are paid for in advance.

for a printer-friendly PDF of all of our current membership packages, view our menu.


Monthly Price for COWORKING Only

choose the level you'll use. childcare is not available For this membership Package.

- Part-time (up to 15 hours per week): $150

- Full-time (up to 30 hours per week): $275

Our Coworking Membership is ideal for parents who already have established childcare and desire a dedicated space to work and build community.

The prices above are for a monthly commitment and we also offer discounted monthly rates for longer-term contracts (3-months, 6-months, or 12-months) that are paid for in advance. Please view our full Membership Menu to learn more.


monthly price for coworking + childcare 

all levels include up to 15 hpw of coworking* with the following childcare options:

- 3 hours per week: $240

- 6 hours per week: $360

- 9 hours per week: $480

- 12 hours per week: $600

- 15 hours per week: $720

- 18 hours per week: $840

- 24 hours per week: $940

- 30 hours per week: $1040

Onsite childcare is offered 30 hours per week on Mondays-Fridays from 11:00am-5:00pm. The prices above for our Community Memberships reflect membership rates for month-to-month contracts with care for one child; we also offer reduced hourly rates for siblings as well as discounted monthly rates for longer-term contracts (3-months, 6-months, or 12-months) that are paid for in advance. Please view our full Membership Menu to learn more.

*If you want to upgrade to full-time coworking hours (up to 30 hours per week) or if you have a spouse/partner that wants to join with you, we'd love to hear from you and are happy to customize a special membership package for you at a discounted rate! We can also create a custom childcare package for one or more children for 3-30 hours per week so just let us know was you need when you apply!


Trade-based opportunities in childcare supervision

Only $100/month for up to 15 hpw of coworking with the following childcare trade options:

- One Half Day: 3 hours per week 

- Two Half Days: 6 hours per week 

- Three Half Days: 9 hours per week

- Four Half Days: 12 hours per week

- Five Half Days: 15 hours per week

This Co-op Membership Agreement is a six-month contract with a weekly commitment working in our Mini Makers™ Studio on a specified day/time for 3-15 hours per week. This monthly rate includes childcare for one child while you are coworking during the specified trade hours and during your weekly shift(s) in our Mini Makers™ Studio; additional childcare hours are available for siblings at the pre-purchased discounted rate of $8/hour.

All interested Co-Op Members must complete the following: 

  1. Submit an Interest Form
  2. Meet with The Makers Place™ Community Manager
  3. Once selected, pass a LiveScan Fingerprinting/Background Check and complete a CPR course or show proof of an active CPR certification