We’re more than just a great space to work. 

We create community.

Parenting can be isolating, but it never should be once you find your village!

Stop trying to do it alone and join our collaborative community that is more than a workspace. We’re an extended family.


By offering ongoing events and community engagement opportunities, we enhance members’ personal and professional development, while providing a space for genuine connections and friendships to grow.

We offer the followinG programs and services to our members and THE COMMUNITY:*

*Certain additional fees may apply to participate in these programs, services, and events.

We believe in promoting character education

Our community mission is driven by a character-education model that emphasizes various core values like integrity, creativity, innovation, compassion, and collaboration to ultimately amplify the ethos of our greater Sacramento community. Each month, we feature a specific core value and integrate this throughout the community for parents and their children through writing, art, workshops, action challenges, and more to help identify personal strengths, values, and goals. 


We believe in creating flexible options for dynamic lifestyles

Because no two families are the same, we’ve designed a variety of flexible membership levels to meet you exactly where you’re at now and help you grow your vision as we support your family. We offer everything from coworking-only memberships to options with childcare ranging from 3-30 hours per week on in our Mini Makers™ Studio. For families on a budget or those wanting more direct involvement, we have created a limited number of co-operative memberships and need-based scholarships. 


We believe in providing accessible childcare

While Sacramento already has many phenomenal coworking spaces, none of them provide childcare. To use these spaces, parents must arrange for in-home care or pay for private day care or preschool programs that get very expensive, especially for single parents, students returning to school, or part-time workers or those trying to launch a new business. Our vision combines the power of a shared coworking community with accessible onsite childcare with many flexible options to meet your family’s needs best.


We believe in fostering professional and personal development

In addition to creating a space for members to focus on their work, we provide opportunities for growth and connection. Through our monthly Leadership Lunch n’ Learn seminars, professional coaching opportunities, community retreats, and mastermind sessions, we promote the holistic development of our members. Every new member who signs up for a package of at least three-months or more will also receive one complimentary Leadership and Lifestyle Coaching session with Co-Founder, Leslie Bosserman, to help identify personal strengths, values, and goals.


We believe in the power of family and community

Designed with the family at the center, The Makers Place™ is a hub for working parents to build sustainable relationships with other adults, while providing a space for their children to connect, grow, and play. We also provide additional services to support the journey of parenthood, from offering a variety of parenting workshops as well as special seasonable programs and events to bring members and their children closer together. When families feel supported, our entire community wins!

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