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We have created a comprehensive Admissions Process that allows families to become familiar with our program, philosophy, and values before applying to join our community. It follows the six steps below:

STEP ONE: Attend an Open House

Start by making sure your child meets all the Preschool Admission Requirements for our site and outlined by the California Department of Social Services. Prior to application, families are encouraged to register for and attend one of our scheduled Open House events that are offered onsite and include a full tour and overview of our Preschool Program and other related services at The Makers Place™. While attending an Open House is not required prior to enrollment, it is strongly encouraged so parents and families can see the space, learn about our philosophy and program, and have their questions answered.

STEP TWO: Submit Your Application

An electronic Preschool Application will be available to the general public online on our website that will auto-populate information to create an account for each applicant. It is free to submit this application online and the Director will follow-up with each applicant to confirm if space is available (either a current opening or a wait list spot). Applications are accepted year-round and saved in our database. If you are offered an open space in our Preschool Program or want to be placed on the wait list, please proceed to step three.

STEP THREE: Prepare Your Admission Packet

If the applicant wants to proceed with enrollment, they will be sent an Admission Packet electronically or can pick up a hard copy on site during operating hours. This Admission Packet includes the Parent Handbook with all required supporting documentation as well as the Admission Agreement that must be signed, dated, and returned before the stated enrollment deadline (see complete list below). A non-refundable Admission Processing Fee of $25.00 is also due with the complete Admission Packet, payable by personal or certified check made out to “The Makers Place.” Once we have received all components of the Admission Packet, we are able to hold a spot for each child, either in our active program or on the wait list depending on current enrollment capacity. Partial Admission Packets will not be accepted. 

STEP FOUR: Selection Confirmation

All admissions for prospective students are reviewed in order of receiving their complete Admission Packet and selection decisions are made by the Director and staff based on current enrollment capacity. The applicant will be notified electronically at the email address on file at the time of application regarding selection decisions and open spaces or wait list status. If a child is placed on the wait list, a reasonable time frame for admission will also be shared and the applicant can decide whether or not to stay on the wait list or withdraw their application.

As soon as a space becomes available, the Director will notify the applicant (by email and phone) and the applicant will have 48 hours to decide if they want to continue to enroll their child or withdraw based on their current needs. Once an application has been withdrawn at any point in the selection process, the space is forfeited and the Application Processing Fee is non-refundable.

If the applicant decides to reapply for a space for the same child, they will need to resubmit a complete application packet if more than six months have elapsed since the date of application or if their information has changed and another non-refundable Admissions Processing Fee of $25.00 will be due.

STEP FIVE: Official Enrollment

Once a child is granted a space and has accepted, they go through the official enrollment process and sign our Admissions Agreement. A $125.00 initial Enrollment and Materials Fee is charged (payable by personal or certified check made out to “The Makers Place”). All accepted applicants are required to participate in a mandatory onsite Preschool Orientation workshop that is designed as an informative session to help prepare your child(ren) and family for active participation in our Preschool Program and covers our school’s philosophy, values, pedagogy, and expectations. An agenda and schedule of upcoming Orientation sessions will be shared with applicants at the time of selection and acceptance.

STEP SIX: Re-Enrollment

Returning students and siblings of current students that have applied receive priority enrollment for all subsequent academic years. For currently enrolled students, we check in with each family in February to see if you plan to re-enroll your child in our program the following year. If so, each child is guaranteed their current spot once they submit a $75.00 Re-Enrollment and Materials Fee (non-refundable) and sign a Preschool Agreement by the re-enrollment deadline (March 1st). If a child graduates or transitions out of our program, we will notify the next applicant on our active wait list first, then those on our pre-registration list of current applicants based on the order of application.