Parents are first and foremost MAKERS…

They first create life, then crave time and energy to continue making and creating! Through our inaugural cohort of our Makers Incubator Program, we provide support and structure for five resident Makers to ideate, prototype, launch, and refine special projects and initiatives that capitalize on their strengths, interests, and talents to serve our local community.

Through this six-month program, these Makers get access to group Mastermind Sessions, Professional Coaching, as well as Leadership Workshops around topics like Design Thinking to help them develop their skills and leverage their strengths as entrepreneurs. They also have access to a small micro-grant to help fund their initial stages of their Projects. This program is funded in part by the Rapid Acceleration, Innovation, and Leadership in Sacramento (RAILS) Grant Program through the Mayor’s Office for Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

We recently held our Makers Incubator Showcase on June 24, 2019 that featured our five resident Makers and how their Incubator Projects are changing the greater Sacramento Region. In attendance were Mayor, Darrell Steinberg, Chief Innovation Officer, Louis Stewart, and District Five Councilmember, Jay Schenirer who all supported the great work of these Makers and what they’ve created. We are excited to be leading the way in the region for more pathways for accessible entrepreneurship and innovation!


Meet The Makers


Leslie Bosserman, Founder + Facilitator

WHO: Leslie Bosserman, M.Ed., CPCC is an Executive Coach and Leadership Strategist with a community-focus. After working for a decade in higher education and student development, Leslie launched Lead With Intention® – a boutique coaching and consulting practice that specializes in leadership coaching, customized training, and organizational strategy for clients and their teams around the world. Leslie and her husband, Joel, designed and created The Makers Place™ – Sacramento’s first coworking space with flexible onsite childcare and also serves as the Director of the Mini Makers™ Preschool.

WHAT: The idea behind the Makers Incubator Program was developed shortly after launching The Makers Place™ in 2018. Using her skills of coaching and facilitation combined with her passion for supporting parents who are (or want to be) entrepreneurs, Leslie designed this program to create a community of innovators and changemakers!



WHO: Sarah Caples is the founder of TribeMakers, a creative business strategy and design studio specializing in helping entrepreneurs define their why, clarify their message, and design their brand identity and experience to better connect with their tribe. She believes that everyone has a book inside them just waiting to be put out into the world, and that is one of the best ways you can make a lasting impact in your area of expertise. Sarah and her husband, Joe, self-published a book that rose to be the #1 Best Seller in multiple categories on Amazon, and she is excited to help others do the same!

WHAT: Sarah is the creator of the Women’s Self-Publishing Mastermind Community, an in-person group that supports women who want to write and publish their first book. This community is meant to teach, encourage, and empower these women to get their story, message, or resource into the world to share it with those who need it most. This mastermind has two main parts: (1) First, they will receive encouragement, support, and accountability through every step of seeing their book to completion. (2) Second, they will learn the tactical steps involved in self-publishing and receive guidance through that process. All resources and roadmaps will be provided so they have everything they need to be successful in self-publishing. The first three-month mastermind community is launching in May 2019 and the second community will launch in September 2019. 



WHO: Kara Haug is a Sexual Health Educator and Counselor.  She is the creator of Grace Unbound, her own sexual health business that takes her into school classrooms, family homes, retreat centers, churches, and large event gatherings where she leads workshops and speaks. With experience in teaching sexual health to ages 10-92, she believes that when we go deeper in understanding our sexuality, recognize that education is power, then grace is boundless and we start to heal and create better relationships. Kara has a post grad certificate in Sexual Health Education and Counseling from the University of Michigan and is in supervision to become AASECT certified.

WHAT: Kara is using her participation in the Makers Incubator Program to create workshops for families around sexual health for families of Sacramento. She recently facilitated an evening Family Workshop called “Growing Up Sex Smart” and is currently leading “The Sexuality Series” around various topics for parents of children 0-5 years. Kara recognizes that parents have a lot on their plates and wants to help guide them and make conversations around sex and sexuality easy and normal. 


Erin Avakian, Better:Work Project

WHO: Erin Avakian is a talent development and employer brand specialist, with over twelve years of professional experience, currently living in East Sacramento and working remotely for a digital product design company. She's also learning (and re-learning) the art of mothering two rowdy young boys.

WHAT: The Better:Work Project aims to support transitions for new parents through back-to-work coaching and networking, and believes that, in so doing, employers will benefit through earlier returns, increased productivity, higher retention and improved employer brand. We also advocate for flexible work-from -here options for new parents with the goal to help empower them co:create the best possible returnship with their employers.



WHO: Mariah Hudler is a pioneer Financial Therapist in the Sacramento area working with individuals, couples and entrepreneurs set on improving their financial health. Mariah received her Masters of Social Work from the University of California, Berkeley (2004) and her Licensed Clinical Social Worker (CA#65613, 2015) along with her Executive MBA from the University of Waikato, New Zealand (2009). With her two degrees, she pairs mental health and finance to increase awareness around one’s relationship to money, using this awareness as a tool for positive change. Mariah is an avid adventurer, cyclist, wife, mom and world traveler.

WHAT: The Money Mindset Skills Lab is a community education program where participants will learn, practice and apply skills to increase their financial awareness, literacy and health. At present, there are three labs that will be offered: (1) The first lab will focus on awareness, including identifying your money story, understanding your money script and learning how to converse about money. (2) The second lab will focus on building financial literacy including identifying money values and goals, tracking money, debt and budgeting money. (3) The third lab will focus on financial health including working towards financial independence, retirement and wealth management.



WHO: Stacie Taylor-Cima is passionate about translating tech topics into practical advice. As a wife and mom of two toddlers, Stacie aims to create a connection between community and technology to make a better future for all generations. From building apps as a Product Manager to working as a Developer for an accessibility agency, Stacie’s driving factor is making people’s lives easier through technology. Today she works at Zapier, helping people automate workflows for better productivity so they can get back to their most important work.

WHAT: In order to help people better understand and embrace technology in their lives, Stacie sees education as a vital force in moving the needle forward. Now as a mom of young children, she quickly discovered there is little technology education guiding children to become good internet citizens. Her work prepares families to practice safe, confident internet exploration through the help of presentations and resources that are easy to digest and inspire positive action.