because It truly takes a village!

Our community is stronger because we support each other and create a space to reconnect with what really matters to you right now. Our team of Community Coordinators all play a vital role in making sure our space allows you to walk in and EXHALE before you refuel with a cuppa Pachamama Coffee and get on to your next great thing! Each individual on our team has a specific role that enhances how we function holistically at The Makers Place™ and is onsite for weekly shifts so they build relationships with members and their families. Come in for a tour and meet these great people!


our community Coordinators

Amber Korb is a Private Librarian and Archivist who works for individual book collectors organizing and cataloging their libraries, papers, and photographs. She also does genealogical research for clients and for fun. Amber is the President of a new nonprofit, The Sacramento Book & Literary Arts Center (SacBLAC). She serves as our Event Coordinator and helps manage all public rentals and bookings for everything from creative workshops to baby showers and beyond! In her spare time she does all sorts of arts and crafts like cross-stitch, pysanky egg writing, collage and mixed-media, medieval illumination, and many more.


Jacki Britton was born and raised in the greater Sacramento area and has a natural thirst for knowledge. Dubbed “Jacki of All Trades",” she is well-versed in computer and office technologies and has recently launched her our Virtual Assistant business. Jacki has a passion for helping small business owners with their behind-the-scene needs. As our Operations Coordinator, Jacki opens the space daily and makes sure everything is running smoothly in our community! In her spare time you can find her lost in a book or out exploring nature.

Kelly Conroy is a writer, researcher, and mother. She loves working on projects that produce a positive impact for people and the planet. Currently, Kelly is unpacking matrescence and helping women navigate the identity crisis that so often comes with the transition to motherhood. She serves as out Marketing and Outreach Coordinator and helps promote our events to the greater Sacramento community.

Vihil Vigil is an imaginative designer, painter, photographer and business woman who is driven by an incredible passion for self-expression. A native of the Sacramento Valley, Vihil is a United States Navy Veteran, a previous non-profit program director, senior business analyst and project management professional. She currently works as a Women’s Empowerment Coach leading coaching sessions, educational workshops, and online mastermind groups to help women unleash their true potential. She serves as our Workshops Coordinator and helps with Membership Engagement in our community.


We're looking for a few local entrepreneurs and freelancers to join our team to help us with operations, general administration, and light housekeeping.

What You'll Get: As an unpaid intern, you'll get a FREE Full-Time Coworking Membership (value: $275/month) with the option to add on onsite childcare at a reduced fee for children ages 3 months - 5 years (space permitting)

What You'll Do: Help open/close the space, make delicious Pachamama coffee and keep our kitchen clean, help lead tours, support members who have questions, provide general admin and operations support to our leadership team!

Days and Hours: Available to work at least 2-3 weekdays between 8:00am-6:00pm (can split into morning and afternoon shifts of 8:00am-1:00pm, 1:00-6:00pm) and provide support for approximately 1 hour per day total in trade for workspace.

Start Date and Contract: As soon as you're available! Contract lengths can vary with an initial 3-6 month commitment.

Interested or Know Someone Who Is? Apply online here and email Leslie at to set up a meeting!

Need More Childcare And Work Time?

We're also looking for more Co-Op Members to join our caregiving team! If you're interested in a dramatically reduced membership (only $100/month) for up to 30 hours per week of childcare for the first child when you work in trade as a caregiver, please let us know!